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We live in a World which is becoming more and more electronic by the day, so why should our window furnishings be any different?


A&B Interiors introduces the innovative Somfy motorization, a system designed to redefine the convenience and ambiance of your home. This advanced solution offers a hassle-free installation experience as it operates on a completely battery-powered system, eliminating the need for complex electrical wiring. The seamless integration of this technology ensures that it blends perfectly with your home’s interior decor, enhancing rather than disrupting your aesthetic.

Elevate your home’s functionality to new heights with voice-controlled operation. The Connexoon Window RTS system is compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This integration allows you to effortlessly control your blinds and curtains using simple voice commands. The convenience of managing light and privacy settings without lifting a finger adds a layer of sophistication and ease to your daily routine. Embrace the future of home automation with A&B Interiors’ Somfy motorization, where style meets cutting-edge technology.

With a range of motorisation options available to us, with the simple touch of a button you can move your blind, awning, or drapery to whatever position you like.

PowerView Automation

At A&B Interiors, we embrace the future of home convenience with our PowerView Automation system, a cutting-edge solution for smart window treatment. This advanced technology allows you to control your window coverings effortlessly via a smartphone, tablet, or remote control. PowerView Automation offers the capability to schedule your blinds or shades to adjust automatically, aligning perfectly with your daily routine and the sun’s movement. This automation not only brings unparalleled ease of use to your fingertips but also aids in energy efficiency by maximizing the use of natural light and heat. Our system is versatile, designed to work with a wide array of window treatment styles, making it an ideal fit for any home. It integrates smoothly with other smart home devices and supports voice control through systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, providing a seamless and modern living experience. With A&B Interiors’ PowerView Automation, managing your home’s light and privacy becomes a task of effortless sophistication.