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Drapery at A&B Interiors is more than just a window covering; it’s a fusion of style, elegance, and functionality tailored to enhance any living space. Our comprehensive range of drapery options is meticulously curated to suit diverse tastes and interior designs. From sheer, light-filtering fabrics to rich, luxurious textures, our collection meets the aesthetic needs of every client. We specialize in customization, allowing for a personalized touch in every project. Whether the decor calls for a touch of classic charm or a nod to modern sophistication, our expert team collaborates closely with clients to create drapes that perfectly complement their space.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains offer a delicate and airy touch to any interior, gracefully softening the natural light as it enters the room. These light, translucent fabrics are ideal for creating an inviting, serene atmosphere, without sacrificing the connection to the outdoors. Sheer curtains are perfect for layering, allowing you to pair them with heavier drapes for added versatility in light control and privacy.

At A&B Interiors, we specialize in crafting sheer curtains that beautifully blend functionality with aesthetic elegance, ensuring they not only enhance the room’s decor but also provide the right amount of privacy and light filtration for your comfort.

Custom Roman Blinds

Custom Roman blinds by A&B Interiors offer a harmonious blend of functionality and style, providing an elegant solution to window treatments. Tailored to fit any window size, these blinds are available in a diverse range of fabrics, colours, and designs, allowing for complete personalization to suit individual decor styles. They feature a distinctive look that combines flat surfaces and horizontal folds, which can be made from light-filtering or room-darkening materials. These blinds are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer practical benefits like energy efficiency and varied light control options, including cordless and motorized mechanisms. Ideal for enhancing the sophistication and ambience of any room, custom Roman blinds are a versatile choice for those seeking a blend of classic elegance and modern functionality in their home.


Pelmets from A&B Interiors are designed to add a refined and streamlined appearance to any room, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of window treatments. They play a crucial role in improving insulation by trapping air at the window’s top, thus aiding in energy efficiency. Additionally, pelmets serve a practical purpose by concealing operational components and effectively blocking out unwanted light. Our exclusive selection of fabrics and trims offers a wide range of customization options, allowing clients to add a personalized touch to their window decor.

We also cater to unique architectural features like corner or bay windows with our specially designed Angled Pelmets. These are tailored to fit seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive look regardless of window shape or size. Our pelmets can be fitted in various styles, including recessed or mounted to the architrave, offering versatility to match different interior design preferences. This adaptability, coupled with our commitment to quality and style, makes A&B Interiors’ pelmets a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated finishing touch in their window dressing.


Track Rod

A&B Interiors offers sophisticated track rod curtains, a sleek and practical solution for modern window dressing. These curtains feature a discreet and efficient track system, mounted either above the window or on the ceiling, that facilitates a smooth gliding motion, making them ideal for both light and heavy fabrics. Designed to blend seamlessly with contemporary decor, they offer versatility in styling, accommodating various curtain designs such as pleated or wave fold. The customization options in length and color ensure that these track rod curtains can be tailored to suit any interior design scheme. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they provide excellent light control and privacy, making them a popular choice for enhancing the elegance and functionality of your home.

Double Curtains

Curtains are more than just window coverings; they are transformative elements that elevate the ambience of any room. By beautifully framing your windows, curtains not only lend an impression of heightened ceilings but also infuse your space with an added sense of warmth and elegance.

At A&B Interiors, we believe in the synergy of pairing the right curtains with complementary blinds or shades. This harmonious combination is key to optimizing energy efficiency while maintaining the ideal balance between visibility and privacy, both during the day and at night.