Tracks & Rods: Precision and Elegance in Every Slide

Seamlessly Blend Form and Function

Experience unmatched control and sophistication with our Tracks & Rods collection, designed to elevate the functionality and style of your window treatments.

A&B Interiors - Tracks Rods

Robust Construction

Engineered for durability and smooth operation, our track rods ensure longevity and reliability.

Versatile Design Options

Available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any interior design theme.

Easy Integration

Compatible with a wide range of drapery styles, allowing for a seamless blend with your existing decor.

Why Choose Our Track Rods?

Our track rods offer not only an elegant visual appeal but also enhanced functionality, ensuring effortless curtain movement and superior durability.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the maintenance, installation, and customisation options of our Tracks & Rods​

Measure your window’s width and add extra for overlap and stack back; our team can assist with precise recommendations.

Yes, they are designed for versatility and can be used with a wide variety of curtain types.

Yes, our track rods are designed to support a wide range of drapery weights, ensuring durability and functionality for both light and heavy curtains.

Styling Tips

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