Enhance Your Interiors with Custom Pelmets

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Pelmets from A&B Interiors offer both a stylish accent and practical benefits to your window treatments, blending seamlessly with any interior design theme.


Custom Design

Custom made to fit any window size and style preference, ensuring a perfect complement to your curtains or blinds.

Improved Insulation

Adds an extra layer of insulation, reducing energy costs by minimizing heat loss.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Conceals curtain hardware for a cleaner look and adds a decorative element to interiors.


Why Choose Our Pelmets?

Pelmets not only elevate the look of your windows but also offer functional benefits like energy savings and reduced light leakage.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the maintenance, installation, and customisation options of our Pelmets​

Yes, our pelmets are designed to complement any curtain type, enhancing both functionality and style.

Consider the room’s decor, window size, and the functional benefits you desire. Our design team can assist in making the perfect choice.

Yes, they come with all necessary fittings for easy installation, and our team is here to help with any queries.

Styling Tips

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